TC Safety Razor


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Product Description

Our Safety Razor is the fastest, easiest and cleanest way to shape your beard up with.

This is our first Heavy Weight High Quality Double Edge Safety Razor. It is handcrafted to deliver a close comfortable shave every time you use it. Perfectly balanced to reduce pressure on the skin, the Closed Comb design helps eliminate razor burn, nicks, cuts, skin irritation and ingrown hairs typically caused by traditional cartridge razors.

If you are new to the art of the traditional wet shave or a seasoned veteran you will be very pleased with the results . its Matt Black finish on the head and base, but it is also perfectly weighted for total control when shaving around sensitive areas such as the nose, lips and neck. The long barber pole handle completes the razor and is comfortable for all hand sizes.

(Please note Razor’s are shipped without blades due to Health and Safety laws)